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Birthday Of Mikey Tokyo RevengersBirthday Of Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Birthday Of Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Between the members of Tokyo Manji, Moebius, and Valhalla, the ever-growing cast of Tokyo Revengers is a wide roster, holding many intricate relationships between one another. Takemichi’s journey to save his childhood sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, is a long one and isn’t as simple as it seems. While traveling from timeline to timeline, Takemichi’s made a long list of friends and an even longer list of enemies along the way.

Each new member Takemichi meets brings tons of new fans, interested in each characters’ backstories and how they ended up where they are now. The colorful cast can be difficult to keep track of at times with how many new names and faces are introduced at once. For any fans that wish to brush up on their Tokyo Revengers knowledge, here are some of the most important character profiles in order to get better acquainted with the cast.

The multiple timelines in Tokyo Revengers can be a bit confusing and may have some fans wondering about what version of each character Takemichi is meeting when he travels back and forth through time. While Takemichi is in middle school, some of the ages of the new characters he meets along the way aren’t as clear. To help any newcomers or curious fans, here is a comprehensive chart of each main characters’ age, birthday, and height.

Mikey is a teenager of below average height with pitch black piercing eyes and long blond hair that is only tied at the top with the hair on the sides moving freely. In the original timeline, adult Mikey’s hair was slicked back, and he still had his CB250T motorcycle. In his second appearance as an adult, Mikey appears with short black hair and a dragon tattoo on his neck similar to the ones Draken and Takashi Mitsuya have. He rides a CB205T owned previously by his brother, Shinichiro Sano.

In the latest present timeline, he has short white hair with a middle part undercut hairstyle and a Bonten tattoo on his nape with a design similar to his adoptive brother’s, Izana Kurokawa’s, earrings. He is noted to be thinner, deranged and with heavy bags under his eyes.