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Female Tokyo Revengers CharactersFemale Tokyo Revengers Characters

Female Tokyo Revengers Characters

Tokyo Revengers is an ongoing Manga series written by Ken Wakui. On 9th July 2021, the first season of Tokyo Revengers started airing. Tokyo Revengers is a psychological thriller, action, and sci-fi manga that also shows the traditional yakuza culture of Japan. The weeb community often gives Tokyo Revengers a thumbs up for its amazing character base and its precise backstories.

Tokyo Revengers contains not only good, bad, strong, and weak but also popular characters. Many of the popular characters are also female characters. This article talks about the Top 10 Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Female Characters Ranked among all the female characters. The ranking of these characters is based on fans’ opinions. This article is a list of the Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Female Characters.

1. Mana Mitsuya

Mana Mitsuya is the younger sister of Takashi Mitsuya and Luna Mitsuya. Mana Mitsuya appears to be an introverted small girl who has two buns on the side of her head. She is ranked 10th on this list as she is not given too much screen time in the manga and does not play a major role in the major events either.

2. Emma Sano

Who doesn’t know her? Manjiro and Shinichiro’s half-sister and Izana Kurokawa’s adoptive sister, Emma Sano. Emma has been a fun character to have around. Her childishness when around Ken has all been missed by the fans. No one ever thought that we would lose Emma in seconds, someday.

Nevertheless, be it a tribute or because she deserves it, Emma is one of the badass female characters who’s included in the list. Her wanting to experience “that” with Takemichi, all because she wants to grow up soon for Draken, shocked many fans. Fans either had “No, girl. Spare the innocent Takemichi who is only reserved for Hina,” or “Yes. A daring girl like you is all we need!” thought. Though (un)fortunately, nothing happened, Emma is actually child-like and extremely sweet and also daring.

3. Hinata Tachibana

The main reason for Takemichi to time leap in the first place is Hina. His ex-girlfriend, who was murdered by the said group Tokyo Manji Gang, Hina is a strong-willed girl and also a major supporter for Takemichi. Not just that, but Hina is also seen to have protected Takemichi many times. Her outgoing and direct personality is one reason Takemichi is able to do whatever he’s been doing. She is one of the badass female characters because her way of saving and protecting people and also slapping Mikey has gained her the title.

4. Yuzuha Shiba

Yuzuha Shiba is the younger sister of Taiju Shiba and Hakkai Shiba. She’s a very brave girl who took a lot of punches for her brother Hakkai Shiba. Her older brother Taiju abused both of his siblings back in the days which made Yuzuha quite strong!. And now, she’s one of the strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters. Truly Yuzuha is one of the most badass characters in Tokyo Revengers. Honestly, if I were a guy, I’d date Yuzuha! She’s for sure a perfect waifu to exist in Anime. Yuzuha is very calculated, her quick-witted thinking allows her to handle dangerous situations very smoothly.

She’s very sensitive when it comes to her brother Taiju Shiba. Yuzuha is ill-tempered but that’s one of her strengths. When there was a conflict going on between the Black Dragons and Tokyo Manji Gang, Yuzuha stepped up for the sake of her brother, Taiju. Hakkai loathed how Taiju became a part of the Tokyo Manji Gang! Then the fight started and that’s how we got to see Yuzuha trying her best to protect her brother. YES! Yuzuha is the real badass waifu to exist in Tokyo Revengers!

5. Yumi Mori

Yumi Morita is the childhood friend of Haruki Hayashida, aka PahChin. She later on also chooses to marry PahChin. She has a slim build with long hair tied in a ponytail mostly. According to the fans, she has a pretty appearance and hence has received 7th place.

6. Kawaragi Senju

Kawaragi Senju is the former president of The Brahman Gang and one of the three deities. Brahman was made to defeat Mikey and The Kanto Manji. Senju later joins the second generation of the Tokyo Manji Gang and is awarded the position of fifth division Captain. Senju is a young woman of short stature with short light pink hair and green eyes. She has prominent eyelashes and very prominently represents her older brother. Senju wears a Sarashi under all her uniforms.

he has a good moral compass and is a calm and composed leader. She knows how to sail through the losses and triumphs of her team and keep her teammates motivated. enju is also shown as childish with the people she is comfortable with. All these qualities make her the top most popular character in the Tokyo Revengers series.