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Birthday Of Mikey Tokyo RevengersBirthday Of Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Birthday Of Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Between the members of Tokyo Manji, Moebius, and Valhalla, the ever-growing cast of Tokyo Revengers is a wide roster, holding many intricate relationships between one another. Takemichi’s journey to save his childhood sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, is a long one and isn’t as simple as it seems. While traveling from timeline to timeline, Takemichi’s made a long list of friends and an even longer list of enemies along the way.

Each new member Takemichi meets brings tons of new fans, interested in each characters’ backstories and how they ended up where they are now. The colorful cast can be difficult to keep track of at times with how many new names and faces are introduced at once. For any fans that wish to brush up on their Tokyo Revengers knowledge, here are some of the most important character profiles in order to get better acquainted with the cast.

The multiple timelines in Tokyo Revengers can be a bit confusing and may have some fans wondering about what version of each character Takemichi is meeting when he travels back and forth through time. While Takemichi is in middle school, some of the ages of the new characters he meets along the way aren’t as clear. To help any newcomers or curious fans, here is a comprehensive chart of each main characters’ age, birthday, and height.

Mikey is a teenager of below average height with pitch black piercing eyes and long blond hair that is only tied at the top with the hair on the sides moving freely. In the original timeline, adult Mikey’s hair was slicked back, and he still had his CB250T motorcycle. In his second appearance as an adult, Mikey appears with short black hair and a dragon tattoo on his neck similar to the ones Draken and Takashi Mitsuya have. He rides a CB205T owned previously by his brother, Shinichiro Sano.

In the latest present timeline, he has short white hair with a middle part undercut hairstyle and a Bonten tattoo on his nape with a design similar to his adoptive brother’s, Izana Kurokawa’s, earrings. He is noted to be thinner, deranged and with heavy bags under his eyes.

Solo Leveling Statue Of GodSolo Leveling Statue Of God

Solo Leveling Statue Of God

The Statue of God was a gigantic stone copy of the Absolute Being with glowing red eyes, black sclera, and a cruel smile.

D-Rank Dungeon Arc

The Statue of God first appeared when Jinwoo and the rest of his raid party entered the Double Dungeon. When several members of the raid party attempted to escape upon realizing that the dungeon was a trap, the Statue of God effortlessly disintegrated them with its laser vision and only stopped when Jinwoo had everybody kneel to the statue.

With the first phase of the test complete, the Statue of God smiled and stood up from its throne. It started walking through the humans, killing those who were either too slow to get out of its way or failed to realize that it wouldn’t attack them if they ran towards a statue with an instrument.

Double Dungeon Arc

During his test of Jinwoo’s abilities, the Architect had him fight his puppets, including the Statue of God. The Statue of God attempted to fry Jinwoo to ashes with its heat vision and stomp him flat, but Jinwoo dodged all of its attacks and was able to take the statue down by hitting it in the face with a barrage of powerful punches.


As the Architect’s strongest puppet, the Statue of God was an immensely powerful individual.

Immense Strength: The Statue of God possessed immense physical strength.

Immense Durability: The Statue of God possessed immense durability. Its skin was so tough that the Demon King’s Daggers only left scratches on its face, forcing Jinwoo to change tactics and fight it with his bare hands, and even then, it was able to withstand an entire volley of punches from him before finally going down.

Heat Vision: The Statue of God was able to fire superheated beams of energy from its eyes. According to Jinwoo, the raw power behind this attack was so great that he wouldn’t have survived a direct hit even at level 103.

Solo Leveling as a series is well known for its antagonists and bosses. We aren’t just talking about their cool abilities or power levels but everything that goes with that such as their design, atmosphere etc. The Statue Of God in Solo Leveling definitely fits the bill as one of Manhwa’s most interesting dungeon bosses.

Thankfully, this statue isn’t a huge part of the show. He is only really actively involved for two arcs of the story. Still. In those two arcs he does show a frightening amount of presence for something that never says even one word. From its actions we have made a list of some of its key traits that every fan of Solo Leveling should be familiar with.

Does Tanjiro Die In Demon Slayer Season 2Does Tanjiro Die In Demon Slayer Season 2

Does Tanjiro Die In Demon Slayer Season 2

Tanjiro actually passed away Tanjiro actually died in Demon Slayer. It was also confirmed in the post-timeskip episodes of this series, that Tanjiro was already dead. The death of Tanjiro was also confirmed in the aftermath of the final battle, when his pulse was examined by one of the remaining members from the group known as Hashira. It was also observed at the time that he could not breathe any more.

They were into a war against one of the strongest villains in the history of anime. In the future, I will not just talk about his demise, but Muzan’s incredible skills. Muzan to help you understand how he managed to beat Tanjiro and Hashira in The Final Battle.

In the end, Tanjiro died due to suffering a severe injury while fighting Muzan and then he injured himself further while performing Sun Breathing techniques in quicker intervals. However, despite the strength of Sun Breathing, Muzan did not find it “irritating”, which is the reason Muzan was able to defeat him until dawn came.

The events that led to Tanjiro’s death began in the first part of the Final Battle Arc: The Infinity Castle Arc. This is the part where they took on to the Ubuyashiki Estate to kill Muzan and put an end to the rule of the demons at last and for good. The Hashira might be formidable Demon Slayers, but they have to unite to take on Muzan.

In the course of this combat they were able to take on Muzan numerous times. This demonstrated how impressive collaboration and power of the Hashira were. Tanjiro as well as the others tried to join Muzan from every angle but were taken into the Infinity Castle, where most of them were separated. Following the epic battles of Hashira with Muzan’s demons inside Infinity Castle, Infinity Castle, the castle was destroyed. They have to wait for dawn to finally eliminate Muzan completely and forever.